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Offers for: Ladog, Public Utility

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15 Images
22.000,- (€ 26.180,- Gross price)
63.700 km
9/2006 FR
Ladog - T1550 4x4 Kipper So KFZ Geräteträger...
D-64385 Reichelsheim-Gumpen - Used, 6.500 kg, 99 kW (135 HP), Diesel, Euro3, 4x4, Additional headlights, All wheel drive, Differential lock, Hydraulics...
15 Images
14.900,- (€ 17.731,- Gross price)
185.396 km
9/2005 FR
Ladog - T1400 / 129G 4x4x4 Winterdienst 60KM/H...
D-90530 Wendelstein - Used, 5.200 kg, 88 kW (120 HP), Diesel, 4x4, Additional headlights, Air Conditioning, All wheel drive, Differential lock, Hydraulics
11 Images
11.900,- (€ 14.161,- Gross price)
35.515 km
1/2004 FR
Ladog - G129 N20 4x4 Schwemmfahrzeug opt....
D-90530 Wendelstein - Used, Diesel, 4x4, Additional headlights, All wheel drive, Differential lock, Hydraulics, Trailer coupling
13 Images
4.900,- (€ 5.831,- Gross price)
25.789 km
1/2004 FR
Ladog - Kiefer Boki HY 1251 Multicar Hansa...
D-90530 Wendelstein - Used, 5.000 kg, 78 kW (106 HP), Diesel
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