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Multilingual purchase contract template for used machines

Inquiry, viewing, purchase. This is the quick and easy way to purchase a used vehicle. Yet, things don't always go so smoothly. TruckScout24 has therefore worked out a sample sales contract for buyers and sellers. Thus, legal disputes can be avoided in advance.

Hidden defects, missing duplicate keys or documents. With this purchase contract, buyers and sellers alike play it safe. The best thing: the contract template is not only available in many languages but can also be used bilingually, with two different languages simultanneously. The German buyer and the Polish seller can use a single contract as a basis for business. Like this doing business around the world becomes easier.

Contract Picture
The sample sales contract is available in – and can be paired with – the following languages:
Download sales contract now as a PDF:


TruckScout24 is interested in the continuous development and improvement of the service! Give us feedback on the sample contract! Is there anything that you don't like? Is there anything we should add or change?