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Offers for: Beyerland, Campervans/Caravans

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15 Images
3.950,- (VAT not reclaimable)
4/1997 FR
Beyerland - Sprinter 350 - Caravan
D-25560 Schenefeld/Holstein - Used, Number of seats: 4, Number of beds: 2, 900 kg
15 Images
5.950,- (VAT not reclaimable)
9/2001 FR
Beyerland - Sprinter 490 TK - Caravan
D-25560 Schenefeld/Holstein - Used, Number of seats: 8, Number of beds: 5, 1.300 kg, Bunk beds
14 Images
8.900,- (VAT not reclaimable)
4/2005 FR
Beyerland - Sport 450...
D-56575 Weißenthurm - Used, Number of seats: 2, Number of beds: 3, 1.300 kg, Bathroom, Middle Seating Arrangement, Onboard kitchen, Parking heater...
15 Images
4.800,- (VAT not reclaimable)
6/2000 FR
Beyerland - Sprinter 390/403 Sackmarkise,Mover,2...
D-90411 Nürnberg - Used, Number of beds: 2, 1.000 kg, Bathroom, Trailer coupling
15 Images
2.850,- (VAT not reclaimable)
2/1992 FR
Beyerland - Vitesse 350 DD - Caravan
D-53925 Kall - Used, Number of seats: 6, Number of beds: 3, 900 kg, Onboard kitchen
13 Images
7.350,- (VAT not reclaimable)
5/2006 FR
Beyerland - Vitesse 402 LX...
D-21365 Adendorf - Used, Number of beds: 2, 1.300 kg, Bathroom
15 Images
4.590,- (VAT not reclaimable)
6/1996 FR
Beyerland - Sprinter 390 2 Nr. 55 - Caravan
D-24941 Flensburg - Used, Number of beds: 2, 1.000 kg, Bathroom
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